Lisa "Trixie" Taylor


Lisa "Trixie" Taylor has a B.S. from Michigan State University. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a Certified Personal Trainer through the International Sports and Sciences Association, a certified kettle bell instructor and a Certified Triathlon Coach by USA Triathlon. 

 From 12 years old to 83 years young, Lisa has trained them all.  Professional athletes to sedentary individuals have filled her schedule and she enjoys the knowledge and new experiences she receives from each client she encounters. 

A six time member of USAT's Team USA in duathlon and All American four times,  Lisa has competed all over the world. She has won State Championships in Cyclocross, Time Trials and Sporting Clays Shooting for her class(es). She has recently won the Age Group National Championship for Long Course Duathlon.  She is also very active in the running community competing in everything from 1 mile fun runs to 100 mile races. 







Education and Background

  • B.S. Michigan State University
  • NSCA Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • USATF Certified Coach
  • USAT Certified Coach
  • RRCA Certified Run Coach
  • Newton Certified Run Coach
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach for GOAT Fit Fitness and Coaching 
  • Run Coach and Triathlon Coach for GOAT FIT Fitness and Coaching 

"My greatest assets are not in my athletic abilities but in my personality, my love for the sport and my depth of participation in the world of endurance sports.  I always arrive early to races to soak up the atmosphere, to interact with my fellow competitors, to encourage everyone in the event, from the elite athletes to the everyday heroes.  I am the athlete who cheers on her competitors when they run by or gives words of support to the people I pass. As a personal trainer, I wholeheartedly believe that part of my professional duty is to help those participating in any sporting event, regardless of their level of accomplishment."

 -Lisa "trixie" Taylor

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