Growing up in South Jersey, Jay brings something a little different to GOAT. As a kid he played competitive football, baseball & basketball.  After high school he turned down college and joined the workforce but still stayed active in sports. He played travel softball and baseball in S Jersey but his love has always been football and showed great promise with a 4.3 in the 40 yard dash.  However,  Jay blew out his knee in a flag football game and had reconstructive knee surgery at 23.   After recovering, Jay continued to play multiple sports and even earned a trip to the Bowling Championships in Reno! Talk about well rounded!  

Jay moved to Tampa in 2003 and found local softball and football leagues. He "retired" from all sports at the age of 32 due to multiple injuries sustained on his body.  He remained active in the gym and has always had a passion for health and fitness.  Taking what he learned from the different Doctor's and Physical Therapists through the years, he kept his body in shape and realized there were more ways than one to stay healthy.  Jay awareness that he needed to train differently than most fueled his passion for knowledge and ultimately led him to the classroom.

Becoming a Personal Trainer in Sept and being currently enrolled in Science of Sports Medicine & Fitness at Keiser University are some of his biggest achievements.  He  continues to learn more of the sciences involved in the vast areas of sports and nutrition.  Jay is also currently enrolled to be certified as a Sports Nutritionist.

Jay's passion has always been sports, health & fitness.   Proper nutrition, weight loss, overcoming sports injuries and physiology of the human body are his strengths.  Being a very active dad, having a full time job and going to school, Jay knows first hand how hard it can be to keep everything in balance.  But this has also taught him how to set a good example to his own children and to others and how to teach this information to people of all ages so they can learn how to better their lives through nutrition and fitness. 

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Jay and his children, Rocco and Gia. 

Jay and his children, Rocco and Gia.